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Humanitarian Charter and Minimum Standards in Humanitarian Response

1. Food security and nutrition assessment

In an acute crisis and for immediate response, multisector initial rapid assessments may be sufficient to decide whether or not immediate assistance is required. Initial rapid assessments are designed to obtain a fast and clear vision of a specific context in time. There will likely be a need to carry out further food security and nutrition assessments which require considerable time and resources to undertake properly. Assessment is a continuous process, particularly in protracted crises, and should inform targeting and decision-making as part of response management.

Ideally, food security and nutrition assessments should overlap and strive to identify the barriers to adequate nutrition, as well as interventions to improve availability, access and optimal utilisation of food intake. Assessment checklists are provided in Appendices 1: Food security and livelihoods assessment checklists, 2: Seed security assessment checklist and 3: Nutrition assessment checklist.

The two food security and nutrition assessment standards follow on from Core  Standard 3 and both apply wherever food security and nutrition interventions are planned or are advocated.