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Humanitarian Charter and Minimum Standards in Humanitarian Response


The revision of the Sphere Handbook has been an extensive, collaborative and
consultative process, engaging a considerable number of people around the
world – too many to mention individually by name. The Sphere Project acknowledges
the breadth of the contributions made and the willingness of organisations
and individuals to be involved.

The Handbook revision process was led by a group of focal points for the technical
chapters and cross-cutting themes, supported by resource persons for emerging
issues, all drawn from the sector, either seconded from humanitarian organisations
or directly hired, depending on the level of work envisaged. Consultants
led the revision of elements relevant for the Handbook as a whole, and which
required substantial new work. Where not stated otherwise, the people listed
below were consultants.

Humanitarian Charter: James Darcy, Mary Picard, Jim Bishop (InterAction),
Clare Smith (CARE International) and Yvonne Klynman (IFRC)

Protection Principles: Ed Schenkenberg van Mierop (ICVA) and Claudine Haenni

Core Standards: Peta Sandison and Sara Davidson

Technical chapters

Cross-cutting themes

Sphere companion standards

Resource persons

In addition, a number of people were consulted with regard to the civil–military
interface, conflict sensitivity and urban settings.

Working groups and reference groups were established to support the focal
points in their work; while The Sphere Project acknowledges the contribution of
all these persons, their individual names are not included herein. However, a full
listing of all working group and reference group members can be found on the
Sphere website:

Editors: Phil Greaney, Sue Pfiffner, David Wilson

Revision workshop facilitator: Raja Jarrah

Monitoring and evaluation specialist: Claudia Schneider, SKAT

Sphere Board

(as at 31 December 2010)

Action by Churches Together (ACT) Alliance (John Nduna) * Agency Coordinating
Body for Afghan Relief (ACBAR) (Laurent Saillard) * Aktion Deutschland Hilft
(ADH) (Manuela Rossbach) * CARE International (Olivier Braunsteffer) * CARITAS
Internationalis (Jan Weuts) * The International Council of Voluntary Agencies
(ICVA) (Ed Schenkenberg van Mierop) * International Rescue Committee (IRC)
(Gillian Dunn) * InterAction (Linda Poteat) * Intermón Oxfam (Elena Sgorbati) *
International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) (Simon
Eccleshall) * The Lutheran World Federation (LWF) (Rudelmar Bueno de Faria)
* Policy Action Group on Emergency Response (PAGER) (Mia Vukojevic) *
Plan International (Unni Krishnan) * Save the Children Alliance (Annie Foster) *
Sphere India (N.M. Prusty) * The Salvation Army (Raelton Gibbs) * World Vision
International (Ton van Zutphen)


In addition to contributions by the Board organisations listed above, funding for
the Handbook revision process was provided by:
Australian Agency for International Development (AusAID) * European Community
Humanitarian Office (ECHO) * German Ministry of Foreign Affairs * Spanish
Ministry of Foreign Affairs * Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation
(SDC) * United Kingdom Department for International Development (DFID) *
United States Department of State Bureau of Refugees and Migration (US-PRM) *
United States Agency for International Development Office of Foreign Disaster
Assistance (US-OFDA)

Sphere Project staff team

Project Manager: John Damerell
Training and Learning Management: Verónica Foubert
Promotion and Materials Management: Aninia Nadig
Training and Promotion Support: Cécilia Furtade
Administration and Finance: Lydia Beauquis

At various stages during the Handbook revision process, additional team support
was provided by Alison Joyner, Hani Eskandar, Laura Lopez and Avishan